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Hello and welcome
I am glad you are here!
Are you tired of feeling stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled and your search for answers led you here? No worries, you are in the right place now.
As a relationship and life coach, I aim to inspire you to live brave, bold and free. Challenges are best tackled in pairs. With over 10 years of experience, I have been empowering people like you with necessary tools and techniques to live a life of purpose. Whether you are looking for 1 on 1 coaching, relationship, personal, career and life coaching, group coaching, my goal is to support you with the right tools. Give you the confidence you need to overcome limiting beliefs and unlock the limitless power within. As well as teach you to do more than survive. You can learn how to THRIVE with the online course program I offer.
My journey to life coaching
Ever since I was a child, at least from the time I became conscious, helping people around me always gave me a sense of purpose. This will later develop into a passion. I went from saying, in pre-school, I want to be a famous singer/actress to I am going to be a psychologist. That was the foundation upon which I set my goals early on. I wanted go to grad school, become a psychologist in counseling with a focus on relationships, family and marriage and ultimately open my own practice. However, life happened!
Being a mother at a young age was a minor setback, not the end of my journey. In fact it was the beginning of my journey. Despite all the challenges I faced as a single young mother, I refused to be a statistic. I went on to study Psychology Counseling, Sociology, and Human Family Development in college. After college, I realized my passion for coaching people was getting deeper. That's when I knew it was time to launch Tralisa McKnight Limitless Coaching LLC.
Through my journey I learned that nothing never stops life from happening to any of us. It is all about embracing and owning your personal journey with courage, faith, and freedom. Nothing like reinventing yourself after being knocked down.
As a certified life coach I work with people from all walks of life to improve their lives. From developing healthy habits, tackling hard goals, staying motivated to helping them find the missing piece to their puzzle to take their life or career to the next level.
The vision
In the same spirit, I'm pursuing a certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching to implement in my coaching course program. Additionally, I'm writing an ebook and a book that will focus on healing and moving forward after living a traumatic experience. As Tralisa McKnight Limitless Coaching keeps growing and expanding, my vision is for everyone to have access to necessary tools to help them develop, find hidden potential and grow. It’s time you get out of your own way! 
When I am not working, I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, trying new restaurants, and visiting museums. But, nothing is better than spending quality time with my family, especially my daughter.

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“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

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