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Become limitless, let go, and re-invent yourself: A short guide to healing

Become limitless, let go, and re-invent yourself: A short guide to healing

During the past year and a half, the world has taken a sudden and dramatic turn that put a strain on people's lives. Each of us has to deal with challenges and adapt to the uncertainty of the current reality.

Regardless of the scope of the changes and difficulties, we all are experiencing a certain degree of anxiety, stress, and other mental and physical tensions that can undermine our stability.

The circumstances do not want us still, passively waiting for the struggles to disappear on their own; they require our action.

Every situation is unique, and to improve, it must be treated individually. However, there are some general guidelines to follow to boost our energies and move towards healing.

1. Become limitless

Although psychophysical challenges may originate from different sources and require specific attention to be resolved, awareness is a self-treatment that can be started at any time.

Medically speaking, we know that prevention, early detection and awareness are the most effective ways to avoid or cure illnesses—mental health benefits from the same approach.

Beware of the delicate moment we all are facing, be aware of yourself. Self-knowledge can create a direct link to mental processes, leading to deeper consciousness and acceptance that prevents you from blocking out unwanted feelings and thoughts. Once you are free to express your inner world and have the ability to understand it, even partially, you can begin unfolding your true potential and become limitless.

It is an arduous yet beneficial journey that you can start by yourself or with the help of expert guidance.

Feel free to contact me to find out how I can support you through the process!

2. Let go

Another fundamental step to take is learning to let go.

At present, many of us are experiencing hurtful feelings that are hard to set loose. Taking time to go through an initial mourning stage that may include anger, confusion, and sadness is vital, but so it is to move on.

Remember to be growth-oriented and put the right amount of focus on the bright side of the story. Physically distancing yourself from the source of distress is also a great way to start the healing process.

You are going through one of the most complex and authentic human experiences, and it is inevitable. Therefore, be kind and forgiving both with yourself and the cause of your sorrow.

I understand that it is hard to put these tips into practice all by yourself. I can facilitate the process, and together we can work on evident and consistent improvements!

3. Re-invent yourself

Staying creative is one of the keys to growth, and we should always dedicate time to explore new things and play with life.

When your certainties start falling apart, you should not get discouraged. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, allowing yourself to go through negative emotions is crucial. However, the time always comes to move on and, potentially, start over.

Do not cling to the old habits that led you to discomfort. Re-invent yourself. You can do so by creating a fresh and simple routine, including things that you neglected or wanted to do for a long time. Set the proper priorities and be mindful of your eating and sleeping habits. Get out of your comfort zone, experiment and learn new skills.

Most importantly, find a mentor. I can be that person, supporting you through your journey!

~ Tralisa

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